Resources for the Water Quality Guidelines

​​​Core requirements of the Water Quality Management Framework are supported by many useful resources that aim to help you navigate and use the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality.

Case studies

Our case studies demonstrate real applications of the Water Quality Management Framework:

Key concepts

Each step in the Water Quality Management Framework links back to critical concepts that you should understand to use the framework in various applications. Reading about these key concepts will provide more detailed information about activities covered in each step.

Learn about each key concept.

Guidance information

We provide additional guidance to help you gain a deeper understanding of some topics, including:

  • development of national effects-based physical and chemical (PC) stressors
  • other non-water quality related stressors
  • weight-of-evidence evaluation methods.

Read additional guidance information.


Many jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand have derived their own guideline values for PC stressors at a catchment, basin or physiographic level.

Assessments of water/sediment quality using geographically derived local guideline values, and advice targeted to the local scale, will always be more accurate than assessments using default guideline values provided in the Water Quality Guidelines.

Locate jurisdictional information.

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