Case studies on water quality management

​​Water Quality Management Framework​

The Water Quality Guidelines includes 2 case studies that help users to understand the theoretical particulars of the Water Quality Management Framework in a real-life setting.

The case studies were contributed by government organisations involved in the protection of aquatic ecosystems in freshwater and marine waters. As such, they reflect the opinions of those organisations.

Each case study follows an organisation through one cycle of the Water Quality Management Framework.

Developing a reef water quality management plan

Follow the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority as it uses a whole-of-catchment approach to develop adaptive management strategies in the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan that will improve the quality of catchment runoff to the reef waters.

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Assessing discharges from a uranium mine

Follow The Supervising Scientist as it assesses a mine wastewater discharge from the Ranger Project Area in the Northern Territory into the downstream waterways. Assessing water discharges from mines is important to ensure compliance with licence conditions and, ultimately, to ensure environmental protection.

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Cultural and spiritual values

The Water Quality Guidelines includes 6 case studies to help illustrate the linkages between water quality and indigenous cultural and spiritual values in Australia and New Zealand.

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