Pathway for toxicant default guideline value publication

The publication of default guideline values (DGVs) on the Water Quality Guidelines website involves a publication approval process (refer to Figure 1) that includes initial approval to develop a DGV, development of the DGV and final approval.

All toxicant DGVs published in the Water Quality Guidelines from 2018 onwards, whether funded through the Water Quality Guidelines or contributed by third parties, are subject to a period of public comment.

When draft DGVs have successfully passed through the public comment phase, they will be final, and published on the website as a DGV (refer to Figure 1).

Figure 1 Default guideline value publication approval process

<p>Flowchart showing the approval process<br>    <br>    Approval process is:<br>    <br>    • Develop WQPSC approved DGVs;<br>    • Derive using approved method;<br>    • Independent peer review;<br>    • Draft DGVs endorsed by technical manager, recommended by  technical oversight group, and approved by WQPSC;<br>    • Publish as draft on WQG website for public comment;<br>    • Submission responses assessed by technical  manager/oversight group;<br>    • DGV published as final if no review required;<br>

DGVs = Default guideline values, WQG = Water Quality Guidelines, WQPSC = Water Quality Policy Subcommittee

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