Australian guidelines for water recycling

​​Increasing climate variability and population levels mean that many areas of Australia are facing a serious water shortage. Alternative sources of water are becoming more important as water restrictions become more widespread.

One option for an alternative water source is to re-use water such as storm water, greywater and treated sewage. Through a combination of careful management, appropriate use, and education of water users, these types of water can be recycled safely and sustainably.

The Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling are designed to provide an authoritative reference that can be used to support beneficial and sustainable recycling of waters generated from sewage, grey water and stormwater.

The guidelines series were produced in two phases.

Phase 1 established a complete set of guidance for the management of health and environmental risks associated with recycled water.

Phase 2 extended on specific aspects of the Phase 1 guidance.

These guidelines are part of the National Water Quality Management Strategy.

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